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How to Follow Up on a Job Application Email Templates Included

It lets the hiring manager know that you appreciate them and that matters. Usually, the biggest mistake you can make is using the wrong tone. If you come across as pushy or entitled, you are hurting your chances of getting the job. If your email subject line isn’t clear, the hiring manager may not assume that your email is important.

  • If the application explicitly says someone will contact you first, do not reach out.
  • If you haven’t heard back about your job application after two weeks, it’s perfectly acceptable to call the hiring manager—unless the listing states otherwise.
  • Avoid spamming multiple people at the company or sending your message to an automated (non-human) email address.
  • If you’re trying to figure out how to follow up on a job application, here’s what you need to know.

I know how busy you probably are, but I recently applied to the Front-End Developer position. I am excited about the opportunity to join BlueGreen Inc and help build out the functionality of your website and I just wanted to check in about your hiring timeline for the position. While I certainly understanding that hiring decisions take time, I wanted to reach out and see if a decision timeline was available. If you need any additional information from me, I will provide it gladly. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to learning more about any next steps. We’ve already done an overview of what your email needs to cover.

Following Up on a Job Application

To learn more, set up time with one of our reps for a customized demo to see it in action. The idea is to leave a note of appreciation and excitement from your end. At times, even the smallest gestures mean a lot and can actually prove to be helpful for prospective applicants in the long run. Who knows your recruiter might just find such gestures ethically impressive and rate your profile on the ground of hospitality, humbleness, and corporate etiquettes.

That’s a great way to stand out and get your resume seen after you apply for the job. Time is valuable in your job search, and while I do recommend you follow-up for feedback after each interview, I don’t recommend you follow up on every unanswered job application. Especially if you’re applying for many positions on job boards, LinkedIn, etc., it’s just too time-consuming to circle back and send a job application follow-up to each employer. Relevant documents, such as a resume and cover letter, which are essential components of a job application, are typically included in a job application email.

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The email provides an opportunity for the job seeker to showcase their ability to communicate effectively in a business setting, which is an important transferable skill in many job roles. If you’re feeling particularly bold and how to follow up on a job application want to do something that nobody else in the hiring process is doing, you can also use a phone call to follow up about a recently submitted resume. It could be because my recent recruiting background is in software technology.

how to follow up on a job application

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